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Musings of a Moving Image Enthusiast


Hey there. I am Arshad, a 30-something advertising professional from Bombay. Though the work keeps me busy, it doesn’t keep me interested. So I started this blog to speak about the one thing that interests me the most – Movies.

I usually have a lot to say about the movies I watch. At the same time, I love to hear stuff about the movies I watch. This blog is therefore dedicated to the precise activity mentioned in the prior sentences.

Visit my space once in a while to read my views about the movies I have been watching. Though I will try to remain as active as possible, you could always subscribe to my blog and get an alert when I actually am active. Hey, you’ll end up getting some great movie recommendations by doing that too.

While I rant about the latest piece of “Hollywood”,” Bollwood”, “Independent”, “Parallel”, “Regional” and “World” cinema I come across, it would be a bonus for me if you have something to share about these movies. If you are kinda skeptical about posting on the blog, you can always contact me at:


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